We have one of the most modern MDF factories in the country. It is 140,210m², the equivalent of 116 soccer fields.

Our industrial park is located in Rio Grande do Sul, in the municipality of Glorinha. There, we produce 550,000 m³ of MDF every year (fully laminated). The head office, meanwhile, is in Porto Alegre, together with the other companies in the Isdra Group, which we are part of.

We have been operating since 2004 and have sales representatives in the major Brazilian states, as well as other South American countries.

We always try to find the best for our customers. Our manufacturing process ensures we have the best products that meet the most demanding quality standards.

Environmental responsibility

Fibraplac is concerned about sustainability and the environment. Our manufacturing uses renewable resources, sourced from forests that are replanted with Pines and Eucalyptus trees. The entire process receives a forestry certification which ensures that environmental, social and economic issues and concerns are treated with respect and dealt with, from the management of the forest to the delivery of the timber, as well as ensuring the origin of the wood we use.


Sustainability goes further: we apply good practice to ensure we have continuous process improvements, and monitoring of the environment and emissions. We aim to ensure that our solid waste can be used as a raw material by other industries. For example, some of our waste is turned into organic compost and used as fertilization in the forestry and gardening industries or as biomass for power generation. We also reuse or recycle our water through water and effluent treatment plants, which reduces costs and significantly reduces the impact on the environment.

These and other actions have made Fibraplac environmentally friendly.